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Long Hoang

Turns beer into code

e: | p_de: +49 1577 891 7206 | p_hk: +852 5329 2129

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Hello there!

I'm a German Born Vietnamese, raised up in the small town of Ɯberlingen. Currently, I'm an undergraduate student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and I'm passionate about Computer Science and Entrepreneurship.

My journey began with a website which I created when I was 11-years old. I faked my identity because I was not old enough to rent my web server legally. I served about 400 users a day and was really amazed how I - as a young kiddo - could serve so many people.

Today, I am -years old and was involved in several start ups in Germany and am currently involved in a P2P currency exchange start up in Hong Kong. My expertise are in Robotics, embedded systems and backend web development.

I am a ...

Backpacker Long


After high school I took a Gap year and traveled for 9 months in South East Asia. More.

Engineer Long


I have been programming for more than a decade. I built autonomous agriculture robots and underwater ROVs. More.

Frisbee Lover Long

Frisbee lover

Frisbee got me for a few years already. I love this sport! More.

Beach Resort

Backpacker Long

After my high school, I decided to take a gap year. I worked as a software developer and then used that money to travel through South East Asia on low budget (< 12 EUR a day). It was a once in a life time experience!
  • Traveling over 7`000 km by bus
  • Hiking over 4`000 m altitude
  • Diving 21 m under the sea
Engineering in action

Engineer Long

I started to do simple web programming in 6th grade. Later, I found my passion into Robotics by joining the Schülerforschungszentrum. Soon my team joined the World Championship for autonomous agriculture robots (as the only non-university team). In our first year we ranked second last, but we worked hard, so that we could beat most of the teams 4 years after, when we ranked 3rd.

In university, I joined the HKUST robotics team, where I joined the underwater ROV team, where I dived deeper into embedded systems. I also started to learn and use golang for backend development.
Frisbee made it to Uni sport!

Frisbee Lover Long

I started playing Ultimate Frisbee when I was in high school. In short, Ultimate Frisbee is a mixture between American Football and Basketball with a frisbee disc. I love the spirit and the people of this sport!

After high school, I continued to play in Hanoi, Vietnam with the HUC team and in university I try to get people excited about frisbee. Recently, I joined the league of HKUPA.

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