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Turns Beer Into Code

de: +49 15778917206
sg: +65 8743 5852

Hello there!

This is Long from Ɯberlingen am Bodensee, Germany. Entrepreneurship and Computer Science has been my passion for a long time. My journey began with a website that I created when I was 11. I faked my age to be able to rent webspace, then quickly earned my first pocket money with simple apps and online services.

Up until today, I was deeply involved in several startups in Germany and Hong Kong, and helped startups in Europe and North America with my expertise in Microservice systems. Apart from backend systems, I am also familiar with IoT and robotics.
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I am a ...

Backpacker Long


I have been to more than 30 countries now. Most memorable was my Gap year, when I traveled for 9 months through South East Asia. More.

Engineer Long


I have been programming for more than a decade. I built autonomous agriculture robots, underwater ROVs and large backend systems. More.

Frisbee Lover Long

Ultimate Frisbee Player

Frisbee got me for a few years already. I love the spirit of this sport! More.

Backpacker Long

After my high school, I decided to take a gap year. I worked as a software developer and then used that money to travel through South East Asia on low budget (< 12 EUR a day). It was a once in a life time experience!
  • Traveling over 7`000 km by bus
  • Hiking over 4`000 m altitude
  • Diving 21 m under the sea
Until now I have visited over 30 countries! This is where I have been in the last 5 years (hover to magnify):

Places Long has visited
Beach Resort

Engineer Long

I middle school I joined the Schülerforschungszentrum, a research center for young researchers, where I built field robots. My team joined the World Championship for autonomous agriculture robots (as the only non-university team). In our first attempt we got second last, but we worked hard and became 2nd Runner Up after 4 years.

In university, I joined team Epoxsea of the HKUST robotics team, developing underwater ROVs for shipwreck exploration and marine engineering.

I also build my own Turing-complete functional programming language and a peer-to-peer currency exchange platform.

Engineering in action

Frisbee Lover Long

I started playing Ultimate Frisbee when I was in high school. In short, Ultimate Frisbee is a mixture between American Football and Basketball with a frisbee disc. I love the spirit and the people of this sport!

After high school, I continued to play in Hanoi, Vietnam with the HUC team and in university I try to get people excited about frisbee. Recently, I joined the league of HKUPA.
Frisbee made it to Uni sport!

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